Need your garden designing?

County Landscapes offer a high-quality Design & Consultancy service from the simple to the spectacular. A tangible scaled drawing can help you plan, budget and construct the garden YOU want.

This can be beneficial in helping to control costs on a project as well as helping all you budding self-builders to construct your garden in stages.

We will always bring you a hand drawn preliminary sketch so you can be confident in the artistic abilities I have as a designer, after all, there are many computer buffs producing beautifully presented junk designs!

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The ‘Plan for YOU’ Scheme:
Starting at an affordable £235.00, the ‘Plan for YOU’ was launched in late 2015 is proving to be a huge success. The idea is (as good ones tend to be) simple.

Comparing quotes & ideas from a range of contractors can be intimidating, time-consuming and very hard to compare like for like.

How it works and why it works:
For £235.00 Steve will design the garden YOU want. We will consult with you over your budget & needs, converting your ideas into a scaled cad Drawing with an accurate bill of quantities if required. This not only means you can get quotes from people singing off the same song sheet, it pays for itself in quote accuracy and time saving.

Garden Design Layout County Landscapes
Garden Design Plan County landscapes

We can also design a new planting scheme from a photo, allowing you to see the full benefits of soft landscaping.

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